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Lifting the Sky

Lifting the Sky "Lifting the Sky is as much a song as it is literature."
   —Vic Augustine, Dubois Frontier

"When I put the book down, I found myself feeling the same way Blue was feeling at the part where I last left off! I had to snap myself back into reality. It was so suspenseful I couldn't put it down!"
   —Laura Knight, a young reader

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hope you'll come with Blue into her world on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. The landscape is real, from the badlands to the rosy cliffs and high mountains. Blue insists she's real too, and I have to remind her that the book is a work of fiction. She argues that her Shoshone-Arapaho friend, Shawn, is as real as she is, but I tell her, sorry, no. Blue shakes her head and gets that look on her face, so I let it be.

Lifting the Sky won the Fiction Award from the Wyoming State Historical Society!

Readers Guide Questions for Lifting the Sky (PDF)

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"Some writers have a gift for voice, some a gift for story. Mackie d'Arge is that rare individual who has managed to create a character so real you can't believe she exists only in the pages of a book, and a story so heartfelt you wish it didn't have to end."
   —from the editor's desk


Mackie d'Arge
Mackie d'Arge

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